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Elon GOAT Token will be touring several states in the month of December to spread Christmas cheer to those that need it the most. Contact us via Twitter (@ElonGoatToken) if you are interested in participating.

Deliveries in progress

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$EGT did what?

Elon GOAT Token really stepped outside the box and did something no other Crypto project has dared to do. We built Elon Musk a $600,000 monument on the back of a semi trailer in honor of his many accomplishments and commitment to Cryptocurrency! Since completion, $EGT has toured several states in the USA drawing mass media attention and fanfare. We made a solid effort to gift Elon GOAT to Elon in Austin and we’ve resumed touring in efforts to build a connection with all Elon Musk Super Fans.

$EGT’s dedication to hard work, creative marketing and standing behind Elon’s initiatives have helped us become a global talking point. $EGT believes it can become the Token of choice for those who enjoy an interactive building process.

$EGT’s future is bright with our ambitious plans to launch EGT PRO’s merchant processing solutions in early 2023. We also believe EGT PRO and multiple centralized exchange listings will provide access to buy $EGT for those new to Crypto.

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We Are Changing the Game

“Kevin Stone is creating a massive 6-foot tall head of Elon Musk. If that isn’t strange enough, he is also building a 30-foot long body of a goat for the head to sit on. It won’t just be a goat with the head of Musk, but will feature real rocket fire, smoke, lasers, concert lighting and music. It will be a global spectacle that is sure to go viral beyond crypto and into mainstream media.”

Drive Tesla Canada

“As the founder of multiple startups and part of the early executive team at, I know a hot commodity when I see one. My strategic consulting firm teaches exponential growth to business owners and entrepreneurs, in addition to teaching innovation strategies to corporations and governments worldwide. I’m excited to share that knowledge with the guys at Elon GOAT to help them take their Token well beyond the moon.”

Jeff Hoffman

“The idea behind this statue is to capture the greatest transfer of wealth in its entire history. The creators of the cryptocurrency want it to make it memorable and save time just like it has been done in history, statues have been built to capture the moments. The creators of EGT want to celebrate the existence of the most innovative man of the 21st century and this is the approach to do so.”

Globe Newswire

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EGT Token Details
Contract Address


Total Supply

9,000,000,000 EGT


4% Buy / 8% Sell



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Simplified. Adoption. Solutions.

EGT PRO’s platform provides a suite of simplified adoption solutions for cryptocurrency users. The user experience boasts robust wallet infrastructure, direct exchange-like swaps, fiat to crypto solutions and will soon be a gateway for merchants and consumers to transact for goods and services.

Contact EGT PRO to list your Token and have us customize a branded UI. If you’re a business owner be sure to follow our announcements on the release of EGT PRO Stability Token and the merchant processing gateway.

EGT PRO Solutions

EGT Pro Wallet Technologies are designed to simplify cryptocurrency adoption by creating user-friendly solutions that can be found under one umbrella. Our cryptocurrency wallet technology will service and interact with investors, consumers and merchants in a way that the market has yet to experience.

More than a Meme

Elon GOAT Club is the NFT offering presented by Elon GOAT Token. The collection represents an historical time and place where a physical monument was built and presented to Elon Musk in honor of his contribution to cryptocurrency.

5,000 Dapper GOATS

Are on a seemingly impossible mission to Mars. EGC GOATS are looking to plant their flag, thereby entering an elite club of those recognized by the most relevant and innovative human alive. Making history, coupled with an adoptive utility offering, will set a new standard in rarity.

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Our Team

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$EGT Development

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